Monday, October 11, 2010

Lazy Days and Mondays

The worst part of the day was spent continuing the job hunt via Craigslist. The better part of the day was spent consuming low-fat hot chocolate, changing my Tumblr theme, admiring Mariannan's blog and now-- watching the first season of Gossip Girl, after much indecisiveness.

Please tell me your day was more exciting...


  1. My day wasn't terribly exciting, either. Although I did also drink some hot chocolate and watch Gossip Girl, haha. :) Apart from that I just studied for an AP history test tomorrow, and went to cross country practice. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

  2. mine was about the same, actually. ;) i worked on a design project, watched some football, drank coffee, and just finished watching this week's how i met your mother. i LOVED the first season of gossip girl, it was so great! i stopped watching after that because it kind of went downhill. too bad. :(

    p.s. can i just say? you're one of my favourite blog friends. <3

  3. i continued to ditch class for the 4thish day in a row and woke up after noon had come and gone. I then decided to run my mothers errands since she is sick and made eggs and sausage for myself and the fam and had some rice with agave and butter.
    Then I left and got a nonfatlatte with a girlfriend before church and then had in-n-out fries and CHOCO shake for dinner as well as amazing fellowship.

    I'm learning so much about who I am apart from Christ and just how much Christ is in every moment of every day and is really WITH me in every moment with his right hand upon me :).

    I love your blog. I love that I get excited when my feed shows KRISTYNA (partially because I enjoy the spelling of your name) and partially because you always have something to say and it always feels so authentic...

    The HOLIDAY! that is my go-to rainy,fall, lazy day movie. The music played throughout it excites my spirit. I have yet to see PRIDE AND PREJUDICE but ATONEMENT is great.

    I am typing as much as I talk and will now be ending with an I love you and am about to pray for your job hunt in a sec...


  4. good stack of DVDs you have there!

    my monday consisted of lots of editing in a dank studio while the sun shone outside. thankfully it is the last week of classes!

    I love watching dvds in bulk! Gossy is a good choice, as is Sex and the City =)

  5. oh well, it was not a bad day at all my dear ^^

  6. That sounds like a really good day to me :] I love The Holiday, it's the best girl movie ever! Have you watched the BBC production of Pride & Prejudice? Colin Firth *_*

  7. sounds like an enjoyed day! i love wathcing pride & prejudice, the holiday!!! and the pictres are very beautiful!
    have a beautiful weekend! ♥

  8. oh i LOVE gossip girl. i even read a lot of the books when i was much younger. chuck and blair are the best.


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