Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chi-chi-chi Le-le-le Viva Chile!

Second photo: Bracelet I haven't taken off since my trip to Chile.

Oh, my heart. Tonight I sit glued to my computer screen as I watch CNN Live. Cheering. Praying. Sobbing like a child. Thirty-three miners stuck in a 500 square foot space for 69 days (other reports have said 68, 70, whatever... A LONG TIME). Once again reality proves life could always be so much worse. Once again I sit in awe of how good God truly is. Three Chileans have been rescued so far and reunited with their families. The second man gave rocks to rescuers as presents and asked his wife, "How's the dog?" So much happiness and hope. To keep this short, my heart is with Chile. & Shout to the Lord for thankfulness. Chi-Chi-Chi Le-Le-Le Viva Chile! (P.S. Hearing the Chileans yell this made me grin from ear to ear because I've not heard this chant since I left Chile in August.) ♥


  1. what kind of camera do you use? I love the sort of airy lightness about your photos, im trying to invest in a good camera.

  2. i love this honey. I was busy all day with work and coffee and church so I was unable to see the first rescues. Thank GOD they made it out alive after such a long time. I heard that they asked to have shampoo sent down so when they came up they could be presentable!!? How amazing. God is so good and he works so mysteriously and in such awesome and powerful ways. How can people doubt the CREATOR when they witness miracles like this.. Just one of many miracles he performed today...


  3. it was so fantastic to hear that the miners were finally rescued. i mean, oh my gosh, around 70 days of being trapped down there? that must have been... i can't even imagine. but that's amazing that they're safe now.

  4. It's indeed a very emotional moment for those men and families. I can't even imagine the conditions and pain..
    At least they got international support. And I can believe how much this touches your heart being so close to that reality just a few months ago...

  5. I sobbed when I saw - I think it was the 6th man? The one who cried as he hugged his wife. Beautiful. Wonderful. Lovely :) xx


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