Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Tuesday

  • I'm staying with a friend in Nashville this week.
  • I consumed the most delicious Mint Chocolate Chip shake from Steak n' Shake today.
  • I finally have a job-- doing freelance PR work. P.S. I'm still searching for another job.
  • It's October aka my favorite month. Which also means it's sweater season. Enough said.
  • Beauty and the Beast aka my fav Disney movie was released on DVD today. 
  • Taylor Swift's new album releases later this month + her Speak Now single was released today. 
  • I'm currently undefeated in a Fantasy Football League. My Southern Pixies are 4-0.
  • I'm traveling to Arizona the first weekend of November & get to see Team Transparent.
  • The fair came to town last week. By the way, truck/tractor pulls: not so bad.
  • I finally purchased the hat I've been wanting after weeks and weeks of debating.
  • Have I mentioned it's October?! & I currently reside in one of the most beautiful states. Ever.  ♥
What has you smiling, reader?
P.S. For various reasons, I thought the above Flickr favorites were fall-worthy.


  1. Oh my goodness, Steak n' Shake is like the best thing ever. I absolutely love their milkshakes, and now I'm craving one.

    I love October too, though. It's just such a nice month, and it sounds like you have a bunch of wonderful things to be happy about currently occurring. So of course that's always fantastic. :) I hope your week continues to go well!

  2. amazing at how much your blog has grown. its so cool to see. how are you??!!

  3. i adore this post so much. so lovely, just like you. <3

  4. the fact that your smile is shining through your post has me smiling. The way God shows just how in CONTROL he is in the most simple ways. The smell of rain and the feeling of change in the air. Being content with what I have now and leaving the future to Jesus... When me and starbucks pumpkin scone can afford to reunite!!! ahhh and reading awesome blogs like yours of course!


    P.s. What is the tractor pull?? I want Taylor Swifts new cd and I do not care if her target audience is 10years younger than me. How did you land that freelance gig?

  5. Natalie: I hope you have a wonderful week as well! & It was my first time having Steak n' Shake. Oh so good.

    Danica: Thanks so much.

    Kelly Ann: Aw, you're lovely as well!

    SavedThruLove: Mmm... pumpkin scones are my fav. A tractor pull is a competition where tractors try and pull a certain amount of weight as far as they possibly can. Person who pulls the weight, which is extremely heavy, the farthest is the champ. Sounds lame, but I actually enjoyed it. & I know-- I'm a big TSwift fan. As for the freelance gig, the lady I'm going to be working for is friends with my old boss and my old boss recommended me. =}

  6. oh dear! SO many good news for you ^^ For me, just being autumn is enough to smile ^^
    keep going with positive feelings****

  7. Ooh, I love steak and shake, but I haven't tried that flavour yet. I'll have to soon, obviously haha!

    I'm from Alabama, yet I have never been to a tractor pull lmao. I remember everyone going when I was in high school, but I was so anti social, I didn't do anything like that ;~;

    P.S. I always look forward to your posts :]

  8. Glad you found some freelance work for the time being! I just sent an invoice to my old office, which I've been doing some work for, & can't waiiiit to get paid.

    And AUTUMN! I just bought three little autumn-scented candles for just $1.50, total. They came in mini mason jars! So cute.

  9. Those pictures just make me happy!

    And some of your reasons to smile made me smile too :)

  10. those things are really reasons to smile!

    have a beautiful time in nashville and lovely weekend!!


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