Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my cousin's wedding

I briefly mentioned my cousin Melissa's wedding here & decided to post a few pictures. These photos were taken by Still Life Studios.

The wedding party

{Continue to see more wedding photographs...}

My cousin
The happy couple
Epic choreographed first dance
My dad. The other guy? The DJ
Walking into the reception. I can't dance & I'm ridiculously pale.

"Go grease lightning." Grease dance number- groomsmen with DJ.
Gift from the bride. The necklaces for all the bridesmaids that I now wear all the time & adore.
Melissa & Adam


  1. oh god, not only these are amazing photographs but everything was perfect! I'm in love with your necklace and you look stunning in the dress. Your hair is gorgeous and i see you've tried to do a kind of 60's do, that worked out perfectly :)
    Loved the brides gown and the dancing photos and i know how you felt with the "pale" part ^^ i was like that too in the wedding i went to this last saturday - bah**
    Thanks so much for sharing, i really loved this post and i'm an unconditional wedding lover***

  2. Your cousin looks beautiful and that dress is beautiful too! Congrats to them :] You look awesome as well, everybody does! You have a good looking family haha ;]

  3. Oh my gosh, everything looks absolutely fantastic! :D All of the photographs are wonderful, everyone looks exquisite, and it looks like so much fun! Especially their amazing dance, haha! And that's so nice of her to give everyone those gorgeous neckalces! The happy couple look so.. well... happy :)

  4. your cousin is gorgeous. and i LOVE that necklace so much!!

  5. The wedding looks like it was amazing! I love the colors she picked and the necklace she gave out is gorgeous. I'd wear it all the time too. When I get married I'm going to have choreographed dances as well. They just look so fun. :D

  6. What a beautiful wedding! The bride looks beautiful! Your family also seems really fun!

  7. Looks like the most perfect day! The photography is so nice as well! I love seeing all those smiling faces

  8. I love the color palette used. The DJ is a scene stealer. Atleast everyone had fun and was game on the dance floor. The pics are gorgeous. Also, the bridesmaids' necklaces are fabulous. Best wishes to the couple!

  9. hello you :) it's holly from fawned! thank you so much for your supportive comments in my absence - you're so nice! anyway i just thought i'd let you know i have a new blog now - it's a lot smaller & more photographic than fawned, but i've added you to my blog list all the same :) xx

  10. what a beautiful wedding and what a gorgeous couple! lucky you for getting to keep that lovely necklace too.


  11. Such a pretty pictures! And i loveee te neckless!

  12. Super cute photos!!
    I love them.
    you've got a new follower.
    xoxo. Angie



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