Saturday, June 12, 2010

films that shaped my childhood

Best $10 I've spent in a while: The Mighty Ducks & D2 The Mighty Ducks DVDs. Was I the only one who had a crush on Charlie Conway? I'd say he ranked up there with Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez from The Sandlot, Junior from Little Giants and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Anyway, these movies were childhood favorites, along with many others. It has me thinking about all the great movies I grew up watching.

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1. The Goonies 2. Homeward Bound 3. The Sandlot 4. The Mighty Ducks 5. Hook 6. The Little Princess 7. Baby's Day Out 8. Fly Away Home 9. Jurassic Park 10. The Princess Bride 11. The Secret Garden 12. The Wizard of Oz 13. The Parent Trap 14. Matilda 15. Air Bud 16. Beethoven 17. Home Alone 18. Jingle All The Way 19. Karate Kid 20. Little Rascals 21. Ewoks 22. Free Willy 23. Jumanji 24. Star Wars 25. Three Ninjas 26. Basically anything on the Disney Channel 27. Basically anything with the Olsen twins 28. Little Giants 29. Harriet the Spy

It Takes Two
The Sandlot
The Secret Garden
Little Giants
Three Ninjas
The Parent Trap

What were your childhood favorites? ★


  1. I could watch the Sandlot a zillion times over and still have my eyes and heart glued to the t.v. amazing movies that i've grown up with as well. great post krissie. :)

  2. OMG THE THREE NINJAS! They were so cool. My new mission will be to find that film. I also loved Secret Garden and It Takes Two. I had a weird crush on Steve Guttenberg during my early teens, I don't know why...

    Other childhood movies.. hmm.. anything Disney for sure. In fact I think it was mostly Disneys, like Aladdin, Cinderella and the Jungle Book. Now & Then, Mrs Doubtfire and Little Women - all movies I'd watch happily today (in fact I did watch Little Women just recently). And I recall watching Milo & Otis as a youngster but I can't remember it at all. Homeward Bound on the other hand.. "cats rule, dogs drool" (I so have this downloaded). I am also a big fan of Muppet Movies.

    I loooove reminiscing >.<

  3. oh my WORD. nostalgia, nostalgia. the sandlot is one of the best movies of all time... i think we watch it multiple times almost every single summer in my family... SO good, benny was so dreamy. ;) and i had ALL of it takes two memorized. and the secret garden!!! i would cry and cry every time i watched it. it's so beautiful. a little princess was my FAVOURITE, though... did you use to watch that, too? i still watch it all time and get so emotional, i actually still have the locket in my jewelry box that came with the vhs tape i got when i was little. haha!

    sigh... childhood movies are the BEST. ;)

  4. Definitely just thought you said the mighty boosh. Good good show. HOWEVER on the childhood movies note OH MY GOD YES the parent trap pretty much, my life revolved around it from the age of four til well... you know... vaguely now. I may watch it tonight actually. Best childhood movie OF all timne. Yeah who am i kidding it's still my favourite movie.

  5. Ahh, so many childhood memories! I absolutely LOVED Homeward Bound. It was pretty much my favorite movie ever. And I always cried hysterically when Sassy went over the waterfall and Shadow fell in the ditch thing, even though I knew they survived anyways. And ah, the Parent Trap was and still is amazing! Too bad Lindsay Lohan isn't anymore... she sure went downhill :P

  6. JURASSIC PARK. i have never wanted a velociraptor more in my life. :P
    and i'm with you on the parent trap and it takes two. ahh now i have an urge to watch my childhood favorites all over again :)

  7. I loved all three of 'The Mighty Ducks'. :D Those were just awesome movies. In fact I love a lot of the movies on your list, including Hook, The Little Priness, The Princess Bride, The Secret Garden, and The Next Karate Kid with Hilary Swank. I was also in love with Disney animated movies and I still am of course. They just don't make them like they used to.

  8. Oh my gosh, what a coincidence!
    I just watched the mighty ducks for the first time yesterday!! :D

    To be honest, I haven't watched a majority of the movies you listed. I was brought up more around disney cartoons. :)

  9. Oh that was such a good movie. I miss all the movies from my childhood. THe movies nowadays suck.

  10. Ohhh, what amazing movies! I was obsessed with little Giants and the Sandlot is a classic. I feel like they don't make movies like that anymore :[

  11. Omg I remember these movies.. they were always so emotional, you feel like you would be going on a journey with them

  12. Where did you get the Mighty Ducks for 10 bucks!? I looooved those movies!

  13. Lindsey B.-

    I found the Mighty Ducks at Target.

  14. YES. oh man, watching a little princess was such a moment of clarity for me, because every time i read the book i'd imagine something different for sara crewe's too-small somber frock, and i really wanted to know once and for all what that frock looked like. great picks, it takes two was pretty high on my list too, mostly because they briefly mention my hometown staten island in it.

  15. this brings back so many memories, dear! i remember watching mighty ducks on tv as a kid... my childhood movies were parent trap, peter pan, and the swan princess. :)

  16. A big YES to all of these! Ahhh my heart is ringing with nostalgia now. I bought all the Mighty Ducks movies on dvd a few years back. Still surprised by how much I love them!


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