Thursday, February 4, 2010

this is home

front yard

front room


dining room

pool room

living room (I'm sitting on the couch right now)


my bedroom

hallway into parent's bedroom

parent's room



This is where I live. And it's now up for sale. My dad built the entire thing (including tile and the whole shenanigans), with the remodel being done in the past few years. He's a genius and does work better than any professional I've ever seen. My parent's are moving to Tennessee when I do if the house sells. I'm praying it does! I've lived here my whole life.

Picture credit goes to our realtor.


  1. Your house is so beautiful! I especially love the outside of your house.

    My grandma is selling her house in the countryside and moving closer to my family in the city but I can't imagine her living somewhere else and having somebody else live in her house.
    I'm glad you aren't too torn apart about selling your childhood home & I hope you make new wonderful memories in Tennessee <3

  2. that's such a beautiful place !!
    ur dad is one talented man ! id kill to have a homey and comfy house like yours !

    good luck with the selling :D

  3. What a lovely house... I love every nook and corner of it. Your dad did a fabulous job. xoxo

  4. What a gorgeous, gorgeous house. I bet you'll be so sad to leave, but you've got so much to look forward to with your fresh start!

    I can't see how such a lovely house wouldn't sell. Fingers crossed for you.

  5. What an amazing house, I totally understand why you want to stay- it's like a castle!

  6. your house is gorgeous!!! i'm sad its going up for sale. :(

  7. holy shii, you have a beautiful home! *_*

  8. what a beautiful home! i'm sure a house that amazing wouldn't have any trouble at all selling <3
    good luck with the move!


  9. Your house does look quite wonderful! (: And that's amazing that your dad built it with his own two hands, too. We moved two years ago, and our house still hasn't been sold :/ But good luck to yours, and hopefully it will be snatched up quickly!

  10. What a pretty house! I hope it sells! We're about to move too. But I've only lived here for 6months, it's my husbands childhood home, been in his family for 50 years. I think he's going to be sad :(

  11. It looks warm with all the brown atmosphere... the house looks perfect and I am sad I are going to sell it...

    But every move should have its purpose, right, so cheer up and perhaps your new house would be even better!

    Don't worry your house would fall to a lovable family:)

  12. so pretty and spacious!
    i would die for french doors in my room. ;)
    i hope someone wonderful buys it, someone who can fully appreciate all the work that went into it!

    my dad builds homes! :)

  13. your house is so beautiful, it reminds me of the compounds i saw in France! it's sad that the house is being sold but it seems that you have great plans ahead!

  14. your home is so amazing and your bedroom is adorable! my favorite picture has to be the one of the hallway leading up to your parent's bedroom, it's stunning. i can't believe you dad made this house, he did such a marvelous job on it, it must be heartbreaking to have to part with it :( hopefully a loving family will be able to call it their home.

  15. Wow! Your house is so beautiful and big! I can't imagine ever moving house... it must be very hard. But still, how nice to have your family move with you! xx

  16. oh my, i totally understand you.
    it's so hard to lose your home, the place where you lived your whole life.
    it's even harder to see an other family lives there...
    good luck.
    where would you live if your house wohld be selled?

  17. wow, your house is so gorgeous and not to mention spacious, living in Singapore for three years I have been living in a flat with my family.

    And I agree with the previous comments, a house as gorgeous as yours will sell! :)

  18. AMAZING HOUSE!!!! I love it.

    It must be sad to sell the place where you've lived your whole life.


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