Sunday, February 7, 2010

ramblings on my weekend

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I want to be done with school. I'm experiencing senioritis. I wish I could just intern all week instead of school. I learn more there. I just finished watching the Super Bowl. I'm happy the Saints won. Although I wouldn't have minded either outcome. Science is my least favorite subject and I feel I'm falling behind already. I bought a white rabbit plush doll from the Disney store yesterday. He's my favorite character. Friday was World Nutella Day. I had Nutella crepes at Village Inn. It was delicious. The night ended with Gwenie and I watching Baby Mama.

I have a tumblr where I post Jonas Brothers stuff, which I hate to admit. But I met a girl that went to the same Jonas concert as my friend and I. We met her yesterday for dinner and a movie. I have a new friend. All because of Tumblr. Isn't that pretty cool? I think so. We saw Dear John. I was a bit disappointed. I loved the book and prefer it. But I shall always heart Channing Tatum. He was a perfect John.

The boy who works at the Starbucks near my house looks, and sounds, like Zac Efron. Every time I order my usual mocha I have the instant desire to go home and watch 17 Again. I was sick this past Thursday. But I'm feeling better. Minus a small stomachache from eating too much. Watching the Google commercial tonight made me wish I was in Paris. I want to travel. So badly. I wish I were in Tennessee right now. Even if I'm uncertain where I'll be working.

I have so much on my mind lately. All I can do is ramble. I'm sorry. I have a Valentine's Day dinner party coming up on Friday. It will be my fourth year having one. I've done zero planning, which is very unlike me. But I'll get it done. Here's my playlist I put together for the holiday: click me. Back to homework. Oh and I have 60 followers. I love you all. Truly, truly. Goodnight. ★

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Your words in my memory are like music to me. ♫


  1. I think a ramble is always a good way to end the weekend. And I had no idea it was World Nutella Day! I need to bake something deliciously Nutella-y. And that is the coolest thing about blogging (or Tumblr) -- meeting awesome people you might not have otherwise.
    Have a lovely week.

  2. i can't believe i had no idea it was nutella day! i would have had some delicious nutella crepes as well (but at ihop). oh darn, i guess i'll celebrate it late sometime in the future. :)
    there's nothing wrong with a little bit of rambling every now and then. hope your valentine's day dinner party turns out well! good luck with all the planning and such.

  3. YUM. nutella :) it's SO addicting!

    i haven't seen dear john, yet. i'm so curious, though! i was supposed to go to the premiere, but there was a weird invite mix up and i ended up not being able to go. so bummed! :(

    i hope your valentine's day party is so delightful and fun! i have no doubt it will be. <3

  4. i still need to go and watch dear john!

  5. Oh my goodness does the Nutella crepe looks DELICIOUS! I can't even look at it without my mouth watering... mmmmm. That is pretty cool what things like Tumblr on the Internet can do! Not everyone is a child molester/stalker :D Haha, the Zac Efron Starbucks worker sounds awesome! I'm glad you feel better from your stomachache. And don't worry, rambling is fine with me :)

  6. Nutella crepes sound amazing! I have a crepe recipe at home that I definitely need to try out. I love that you have a Jonas Brothers tumblr! Link? =)

  7. That Starbucks guy sounds delicious. Hahaha! Great to know you're feeling better. xoxo Happy Monday!

  8. Nutella day?! :O Amazing!
    I love love your new layout - the header is just lovely.
    & I absolutely no what you mean about being sick of school. I'm in my last year of education before I go to uni and oh my god. I just want to stay at home and teach myself!
    Beautiful pictures as always :) I am CRAVING those beautiful brown shoes in the Paris picture! xx

  9. Love the leopard print coat and those gorgeous, chunky brown heels!

    It's so great to meet real, true friends online. I have a few and I adore them.

  10. i just saw your blog role. thank you so much krissie. i love being your blog friend. hope you have a good week sweetie.

  11. Thank you for your kind wish, Krissie:)

    Do you know that I am currently tutoring and trying to make my students look at different perspectives about science? Oh well I don't like chemistry and physics either, but I love nature and biology:)

    It is so funny to read you Zac Efron- like story. I do believe there are many Zac Efron like guys in the western I guess Zac must be very talented and lucky..

  12. i need to see dear john! and i totally know what you mean. senioritis was the worst ever.. it gets better though i promise :) once you're done the feeling is incredible

  13. Love these photos, especially the paris one. I celebrated world nutella day with banana and nutella crepes. they were good :)

  14. Oh man, I really need to watch Dear John too. Your playlist is so awesome, thanks so for sharing :)

  15. love a good ramble myself.. all in all, sounds like a lovely weekend!

  16. mmm nutella crepes, how lovely. that's too bad to hear about dear john, i was hoping it would be quite good! oh well.
    hope you are having a beautiful week <3


  17. haha i'm looking forward to my senior year of college.
    & have fun at your valentine's day party :)

  18. Cute post!;))

    xoxo M.

  19. Ah school...

    Is there such thing as junioritis(?) ?

    Hope you have an awesome time at that Valentine's Day party.

  20. These are great pictues! Good luck with your senior year!

  21. I guess I see where you're coming from in regards to football. I thought about it, and it's kind of like blogging: once you start, you're addicted! :]

    My friend just recently read Dear John, and I really really want to go see the movie.

    That's so cool that you made a new friend from Tumblr! It makes me smile and suddenly I'm hearing "It's A Small World" in my head.. :]

    Oh my goodness! I loved that Google commercial! It was my favorite one from all night.

    Have fun with your Valentine's Day party! It sounds like so much fun! :]

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