Monday, October 24, 2011

Concert Review: Taylor Swift

A year ago I purchased Taylor Swift's Speak Now album, and blogged about how much I'm a fan. & On Saturday I attended the Taylor Swift concert-- where girls were decked out in sun dresses, cowboy boots and curly locks. & I'm positive the entire production was the prettiest thing I've ever seen. More so than any fairytale. Taylor's vision is breathtaking. A flying balcony, oversized screens with dreamy graphics, sparklers, glitter confetti, a revolving tree, fireworks, banjo + ukulele, a wedding scene, Romeo & Juliet ballet dancers, spiral staircases, glamorous ball gowns. It was a night that was sparkling, enchanting and simply magical. ♥

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  1. so wonderful :).
    Glad you got to go and enjoy.
    I would have been there myself.
    But, of course, I just don't get
    that kind of information in time.
    ha ha



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