Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pinterest Love

Things that catch my eyes on Pinterest-- follow me?

I want a barn just to throw parties.

LOVE her hair.

Grilled cream cheese + blueberry sandwich. Yyuuuss, please.

Enough said.

Sam Witwicky- sorta love him.

P.S. Leave a comment below if you'd like me to send you a Pinterest invite [limited amount to send].


  1. your so adorable! I haven't been using my pinterest account as much as my WEHEARTIT account but I would love to follow you still girl!

    I love the new style that RYAN (whatever his last name is) from the NOTEBOOK has in that new film I've seen previews for. "Hipster" seems to be quite mainstream and guys are rocking the short faded sides with messy top cut really nicely. ha ha just thought I'd throw it out there... LOOK UP THE PICS ;)!!


  2. I loooove pinterest! Just started following you.
    Gorgeous blog btw xx


  3. Haha that's okay, I already spend waaay too much time on the internet... another account is not needed. ;) But OH MY GOODNESS, the grilled cream cheese/blueberry sandwich sounds AMAZING. I must try it asap.

  4. I would love an invite!

  5. Alison- Be sure to check your email. I sent you an invite. Enjoy. ♥

  6. These photos are beautiful! Sam Wittwicky definitely is handsome... Just saw Transformers 3... Awesome movie! ;)

    It would be so nice if you could send me an invite. :)


    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us! Have a lovely day! xo, Nina

  7. Hey girl! Thank you so much for the invite!!! :)

    And I wanted to say, that I'm having a little giveaway on my blog! :) Would be nice if you would take a look on it! :)

    Have a lovely day! xo, Nina

  8. Love her hair but also her DRESS! Very romantic and pretty.

    / Avy


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