Saturday, September 4, 2010

This Is My Temporary Home


Tennessee is endless green. The past week we’ve escaped down small roads, driving below tree branches with the sun peering through the leaves. The roads are bumpy, curvy and scattered with potholes. Driving up and down hills, never knowing what lies on the other side or around the bend. The air is humid, but cool. Every few days clouds appear and sprinkle rain.

We’re renting a small brick house located on a street in town. On our first day the neighbors walked up our drive to introduce themselves. We thought perhaps we’d parked wrong on the street. It never occurred to us that someone might simply stop by to give us a friendly hello and welcome. One night we were standing outside at 12:30 a.m., talking to brother and Tif. Apparently we were too loud because the neighbors flicked their lights on and off. It reminded mom of a father signaling for his teenage daughter to stop making out with her boyfriend in the driveway.

The Barn

It takes five minutes to get to where you’re going. There are plenty of fast food joints and dollar stores, plus a Walmart. The closest Target, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and mall can be found forty miles away. There are no sunsets. The sun merely escapes behind the trees. Bug bites cover skin. Ninety percent of the radio stations are country. Things are much slower, with the normal speed limit at 35 mph. With Arizona plates, cop cars follow you everywhere. It’s common to see a horse and buggy driving down the street, carrying the produce grown by the local mennonites. Customer service is like almost everything else... slow. Small town life simply isn’t my cup of tea. I’m a city girl, born and bred. But for now, this is my temporary home.

A friend of mine said I’d probably get home sick after a few weeks. But it came much sooner. Sitting on the window seat in my old house, I watched as the new owner told mom, “It already feels like home.” It suddenly hit me as I thought, “This is it.” Three breakdowns occurred over the three days spent driving to Tennessee. Mom kept repeating, “It’s all going to be okay.”

Unhappiness stayed with me the first few days here. But I’m focused on remaining content with my circumstances. I desperately want a job, but the right one will come at the right time. I’m trying not to get impatient. Somehow, for reasons God only knows, this is where I’m supposed to be.


  1. I desperately wish that you could feel the yumminess and wonderfulness that the South can bring. Maybe, if you do a little research on the area where you are staying it will help you feel connected.

    I know that change is hard...I'm the worst at dealing with it, but as a Southern girl, I wish I could send you memories of honey-suckle summers and fire fly hunts and sticky, hot nights on the front porch with a glass of pink lemonaid.

  2. Krissie, God does have you there for a reason. I can't wait to hear more stories, it will get better- don't worry. Think about all the beauty that is there, grass, trees, appreciate it while you can! I miss you so much, we need to talk soon!!!! Love you!

  3. That photo is breath taking Kristyna! So glad you feel at home. I can't wait to see more pictures.

  4. i love country life :) remindes me of my home...
    yes, i agree. everything happens for a reason.
    ps. you're a great writer!

  5. maybe i'm just being extra emotional today, but reading this left huge tears in my eyes. i've never lived in a small town before, but i know what it's like to leave a home you love so dearly... it's such an adjustment. it's like your entire world shifts. i hope that god brings you peace and comfort, and shows you his love in the little things around you. i'm here for you, sweetie! <3

  6. It certainly looks lovely there, but it definitely seems like getting adjusted to everything, with such different lifestyles and surroundings and whatnot, might take a while, especially when you're a city girl at heart. But I hope that eventually you can get settled in and enjoy the small town life for a while! Stay strong girl :)

  7. Best of luck! It seems as if it'll take quite a lot of adjustment from city life to very slow country life. It'll come, though. Give yourself time. =)

  8. thank you for updating. I really like your writing and I felt really emotional going along for the ride as I read through your words. Adjustment will definitely have to happen on it's natural course but the LORD knows his plans for you. Plans of hope and a future. Plans to prosper you :). Way to make the best of it and let God continue driving. Your going to be so blessed honey :). Keep writing!!

  9. Hey darling* Thanks so much for sharing this moment with us. I felt reelly touched by your words. I must be hard to change like that. I hope time helps you to find peace and happyness and that it also makes you feel at home there. You'll see that sooner you will find beauty in the small things in Nature, the sounds of the silence and maybe find other points of view, perpectives and dreams for yourself, as long as you be happy*
    Wish you all the best Krissie* Good luck

  10. The weather here has been WONDERFUL lately. It was awful, just last week. I hope this trend continues!

    I'm sorry you're getting homesick, I hope things look up for you! I'm in Chattanooga right now, it's not as far removed as yours. 40 minutes from a Target sounds way too far! If you are ever in my area, I would love to hang out .I know it's rough :[ I hope things get better!


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