Sunday, August 22, 2010

won't take nothing but a memory

I move to Tennessee on Tuesday. I leave bright and early in the morning. Everything has been packed away. The house is empty. The walls are bare. Childhood home, this is goodbye. The heated desert known as Arizona will no longer be my home next week. And I'm okay with that. I'm at peace. I'm excited for whatever lies ahead, for the next chapter. In fact, it almost has me giddy. Weird.

I have so much to say, so much to tell. I have about ten files saved on my computer that are intros of what should have been blog posts. But my mind has wandered far too much lately. I'm just watching all these changes from a distance. Just letting them happen + letting things be + letting God have control.

I'll update you all later. Once I'm in Tennessee. Once it's finally hit me that this is all actually happening.


  1. good luck, sweetie. where in TN? i know quite a few people that live there... i think it's time to finally make a visit! ;)

    i hope the move goes smoothly! can't wait to hear. praying for safe travels. <3

  2. Best of luck moving on with this big step in your life! It sounds scary, but unbelievably exciting at the same time. I'm sure there are a million adventures and fantastic times awaiting you in Tennessee :)

  3. Best of luck with the move! Hope it won't be too stressful. I'm happy to hear that you're excited for what lies ahead! Look forward to the update, and will be praying...

  4. oh darling, this is really a special year for you, full of different experiences. I hope you achieve all your dreams and i wish you good luck in this new chapter of your life :)
    kiss kiss****

  5. isn't it crazy how nothing in this life is guaranteed? Even to the simple thoughts of staying in the home that you've come home to every day for what seems like FOREVER.

    I'm really excited to hear your moving though. I feel like when we let GOD take the wheel fully and just shut up and become passengers that is when we are truly blessed and capable of enjoying this magnificent journey of life with him<3

    Your pictures are amazing btw!! I like the middle one where you are sitting on the floor.

    Is it odd that I'm kinda jealous. I'm turning 21 soon and change like this sounds so awesome and exciting! ha ha ha

    Keep us posted when your settled in your new nest!

    prayed for you :)

    Be a blessing<3

  6. first off, i love ur hair, even if i sound like a total creep, ha ha :) okay... good luck with ur move to tenessee. i know, sometimes, you just have to move on from the places you knew and loved all ur life. it's hard, but it's also living, right?

  7. Hiya :)

    Good luck on your move. I felt so scared/exited at the idea of moving to Canada from the UK a few years ago. So exited for you moving on to new horizons! There'll be a purpose involved there for sure.
    Hope you have a brilliant week and that you settle in well!


  8. Woah, that's crazy! Tennessee's really beautiful, good luck on the move! I'll probably be moving back to Alabama in a month :O

  9. fab pics and good luck x

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  10. Sometimes is better that way, don't you think? Watching big changes go on, letting the happen. And once everything is organized you might realize that you've got a new home, that you're actually starting a new life.
    I loved the song (who is singing it?), and your words brougt me some peace. I really need it at night.

  11. Oh, best of luck! Exciting :D xx

  12. goodluck! and btw great hair =) I'm sure all will go well

  13. cant wait to hear and see your new life girl!!

  14. thanks for comment!


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