Monday, March 29, 2010

dream wedding

I would love to find myself owning my own wedding planning business one day in Franklin, Tennessee. I'd like to specialize in fairy tale weddings. I'd have an old royal blue truck with three pink vintage roses painted on the hood. On the side of the door would read "Krissie Kait Weddings" or something or other. My bloodhound would be my best friend. Free time would be spent antique shopping, always keeping an eye out for inspiration, and canoeing on the creek near my uncles house. Life would be lovely.

Anyway, I've been obsessed with Style Me Pretty lately and it has me dreaming about my perfect wedding. Even though the likelihood of me getting married any time soon (or possibly ever) is nearly zero percent. Nonetheless, here are some of the details about my dream wedding. I have more ideas than what is featured below, but that's enough rambling for one post. ★

COLORS Pink and royal blue
FOOD Grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, corn and whatnot
DRINKS Apple cider and lemonade served in old glass jars
CAKE Macaroons and cupcakes, which is odd considering my fascination with wedding cakes
FLOWERS Hydrangeas and daisies
LOCATION Tennessee, with hundreds of twinkle lights and chandeliers hanging from the trees
DRESS Above photo; jeweled flip flops and an old-fashioned veil
MUSIC A father and a mother daughter dance; "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw & "Best Day" by Taylor Swift
OTHER Instead of a traditional guest book, I'd want a polaroid of each guest with their signature below. I also like the idea of a "DIY Cupcake Bar"

What is your dream wedding? Or if you're already married, what were some of the details of your wedding?


  1. i think you'll be a wonderful wedding planner, lovey! <3

    i love style me pretty! have you heard of these blogs?

    ^those are my favorites! :)

  2. I love! But I hadn't heard of the other two. Thank you for recommending them! xx

  3. Krissie, if it's what you love than you should do it! Your blog is beautiful and I'm sure your passion would be just positively infectious. I already love your ideas.

    As for my dream wedding...I think I'll keep it small, with lots of good food, family, friends, and laughter. I also have an idea for the cutest place cards. Beyond that, I'm not sure what I'd do. Part of me likes not thinking about it too much so my future husband-to-be and I can plan it out together.

  4. i totally got my record player at target. ;) i absolutely love it!

  5. anything's good, just as long as I have a 40 tier cake and an east coast jazz band.

  6. Oh, I love weddings so much.
    I'd love one near by the sea with lots of tiny lights every where, sand under my bare feet and a bouquet of daisies

  7. I would definitely go to you to plan my wedding :) Your dream wedding sounds rather fantastic indeed. The food, and cupcakes, sound like they would be delicious. And the Polaroid guest book is an excellent idea! :D

    My dream wedding. Hmm... I'm not really sure! I would definitely want it to be outdoors, although the whole weather situation would be pretty scary to deal with. Nothing too fancy and over the top, but still memorable.

  8. To be honest, I have been getting sick of Style Me Pretty lately. Every wedding seems so similar. They only feature the same style pf wedding, and the one time they featured something slightly off the beaten track, one person was like "This is horrible" and others were like "So not for me". I don't know, that place just doesn't inspire me. I think Offbeat Bride is much better.
    As for dream weddings... I had my dream wedding. It was a Faerie Masquerade Theme:

  9. I remember seeing that dress on "Say Yes to the Dress" and about nearly fell off the couch when they gave the price tag (21,000... erm, no thank you!).

    As for getting married in Tennessee, I'd have to second that one. :) I've grown up in the foothills of the Smokies and can't think of anything better than getting married outside on a crisp autumn day. :D

    The Polaroid idea sounds so cute!

  10. Look at that DRESS! It's utterly gorgeous.

  11. I love the idea of having your own wedding planning business! The polaroids instead of a guest book is so cute xx

  12. I had my dream wedding already! It was pretty much perfect. I got married in the park near my family home where we got engaged. We had the ceremony in the rose garden, and dinner/dancing in the pavilion. Everything had rose details, and our colors were periwinkle blue, silver, and brown. It was the middle of July and should have been scorching hot, but the weather was great! Oh and my mom's company did the catering and we had the perfect vegetarian menu. Oh gosh I'm sorry I could go on all day! Wedding planning is so much fun - I really miss it. You would be a great wedding planner!

  13. That sounds like a pretty sweet life! I haven't really thought much about my dream wedding but I guess I'd like it to be outdoors in the summertime.

  14. I've never really thought that much about what my wedding would be like but after reading this entry I'm starting to!
    Your ideas are lovely and that dress is gorgeous!
    I agree, it would be wonderful to have a career as a wedding organiser - we can always dream right? :)

  15. ooooo Love love this post.

    Your wedding idea sounds so unique. I'd want a fairy tale wedding. A dress made of silk so the material wouldn't be pure white but rather off white. I'd want it to be in a little church that I've seen in Niagara Falls. It's the most gorgeous little white church ever. It probably only fits 20 people, so I think we'd do it outside in front of the church, or parts inside or something. The party would be in an old barn (sounds weird, but it's be like clean and stuff). Thousands of twinkle lights everywhere, gorgeous bouquets of yellow roses everywhere. I could write forever about this, haha, but this is all I'll write for now.

  16. i guess i'm not the only one who likes to wedding blogs :p they are so inspirational!!

  17. I just realized this Kristyna. That dress was on "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC. A woman bought it and it looked UH-Mazing! You HAVE to watch that show!

  18. Go look at this wedding: so cute...


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