Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nicholas Sparks movies = Tear-jerkers

Why are Nicholas Sparks movies so sad? I have returned from seeing the movie Nights in Rodanthe with my aunt. And of course we were both bawling throughout the movie. Some audience members actually had to gasp for breath in between sobs. A Walk To Remember, Message in a Bottle, The Notebook, and now this. I'll admit it. I've cried through them all. Maybe that's because the movies are realistic with no cheesy chick flick ending. So if you're wanting to see a Nicholas Sparks movie, I would highly advise you to keep a box of tissues nearby. Trust me, you'll need them.

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  1. Oh man that movie is so sad! At least in the end, the people seem relatively happy, you know? Like you can experience unbelievable sadness, but that doesn't mean your whole life becomes can be happy.


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