Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pinterest is for insomniacs

1: Note- I pin pictures of food because their pretty, not because I plan on making a pinterest fail.

2: Every work place should have splashes of color.

3: Fact- No one has ever bought me my favorite flowers. Random, as they aren't pictured here.

4: Adore the wood flooring & artistic charm.

5: Can I just have a dog to cuddle + love + take on a walk? & one who supplies me with countless kisses?

6: All. the. time.

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  1. Pinterest is so addicting! I try to check it at least twice a day because I know I'll miss all sorts of great stuff if I don't. Sometimes I don't have time though and it makes me pretty sad;)

    Anyway, these are really pretty! I love that floor. Makes me rethink getting my own floor redone...


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