Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time Slips Away

It's been too long of an absence from here. It's the happiest time of year and I feel I haven't begun to enjoy it. Things keep happening and time just slips away. October was spent in a frantic tizzy. Packing, cleaning and moving out of the apartment. And I spent the first week of November with my grandparents.

Now I'm living in the cousin's house. Everything's been unpacked. My room is nearly decorated. & I'm happier not living alone anymore. But I'm aching to see my parents. Which is why I'm ecstatic about getting to spend 11 days in Tennessee at Christmastime. Until then, I need to slow down, take each day as it comes and just... be thankful. ★


  1. Hey! Long time no see!

    Glad to hear you've found a more social and cozy place to live. It sounds like you have a very nice winter ahead of you:D

  2. mmm sweet ending words. Thankful is a good spot to be. And I hope you get to just unwind and relax soon. Your such a busy bee!



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