Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photo Finds

A post featuring some photo finds. Neutral colors, feminine accessories and bows. A love for print: reading, writing & the like. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Cute wittle puppies. Yes, wittle. *add baby voice* Tattoos with pretty words and typography. Girly, victorian interiors. Old brick buildings. Foreign lands. Moleskines. All the above: LOVE.

You know how women who want a baby seem to constantly see babies everywhere? Well that's me at the moment-- only instead of babies, it's dogs. This is the first year where I've never had a dog. & My goodness, do I miss mine. I miss her prancing across the room, her toes clicking the floorboards. I miss her crawling on my lap to give me kisses on the cheek. I miss her loving me, unconditionally. Sigh, wanting a dog. So. Flippin. Bad.


  1. Oh, these are great picks!

  2. ooh I love the photo from tag.loudly! ;) that love is enough tattoo is so beautiful. lovely images!


  3. coffee and notebooks will always be my favorite things!

  4. I'M loving you and your blog.
    My moleskine as well :).
    I'm loving the IDEA of coffee but truthfully on my days off ALL I want to do is stay at home.

    I'm loving JESUS and loving the smell of a new season around the corner. God keeps life so interesting.


  5. Such fantastic inspiration indeed! I especially have a soft spot for dogs as well... I am just such a sucker for animals. And I love the random tidbits as well. Lovely.

  6. ahhh the cute doggies :) That made me smile SO big.

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