Thursday, March 3, 2011

This is beautiful

Happiness is...
  • A Sunday drive to the Superstition Mountains covered in snow, windows rolled down, stopping on dirt roads to snap pictures of the desert landscape.
  • Playing cards at Denny's at midnight with friends while enjoying all-you-can-eat pancakes.
  • Winning a giveaway on the lovely Kelly Ann's blog. How cute is this necklace?!
  • Journaling daily in my beautiful reporter Moleskine notebook.
  • Confessing secrets to friends you can trust.
  • The anticipation of Arizona Cityfest, which includes free musical performances by the absolutely fantastic Mat Kearney and Phil Wickham.
  • Mochas topped with whip cream, and raspberry cookies from The Coffee Shop.
  • Light jackets, white flips flops, ballet dresses and necklaces that glitter in the sunlight.
  • The smell of spring right around the corner.
  • A divine romance with my King. 


  1. :) Happiness, indeed! I know I can't wait for light jacket weather!!

  2. LOVE this post! Makes me happy just reading each of your points. Hope to see you at CityFest! :)

  3. i LOVE your dear and heartfelt posts. I'm glad your going to be able to see Phil Wickham and Mat Kearney live! I thought you were in Tennessee?? When did you go back to AZ??

    I'm pretty off aren't I??


  4. aah i've been abandoning my diary for this week because i am too busy doing things and too tired at the end of the day to be writing anything :(

  5. You seriously know how to enjoy yourself! :) I love this list, especially the one with the mocha (topped with whipped cream!), journaling, and the smell of spring just 'round the corner ;)

  6. Any list involving all you can eat pancakes definitely automatically constitutes extreme happiness, haha. :)

  7. Ohh, that's beautiful! I've never been to Arizona, but I'm sure it's like some beautiful alien landscape!

  8. This sounds amazing, everything about this xx

  9. ohh... this sounds so beuatiful. i think it somehow sounds like spring. :)
    have a lovely day.
    xoxo <3

  10. I agree this is some kind of happiness. : )

  11. Beautiful HAPPY thoughts that make me smile. :D

  12. Just stumbled upon your beautiful blog. The aesthetic and vibe is so inspiring. I'll be following :)



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