Monday, March 21, 2011

Music Monday: Mat Kearney

My weekend was fabulous. Two days were spent listening to free concerts in the park, featuring artists Mat Kearney, Phil Wickham, TobyMac, The Band Perry and Skillet. The artists gathered for Arizona CityFest. The artists led 60 thousand people in worship and I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to be in the crowd-- perfect weather, a slight breeze, just singing along. My absolute favorite performance was the wonderful Nashville-based songwriter Mat Kearney. I've been in love with his rapping choruses and thoughtful, poetic lyrics for quite some time. & His voice is pretty much addicting. Have a listen? ★

1. Arizona CityFest 2011, credit | 2. + 3. Skillet, photo by me


  1. wowww Those pictures are great! Looks like fun. I just love outside concerts, especially in beautiful weather. I've heard his name before, but never heard anything. I really love "Girl America" ...acoustic poetry, so relaxing and the lyrics are amazing.


  2. Whoa, it looks like such an incredible time! I'm not very familiar with any of those artists, but I will certainly give them a lesson. Sadly I'm not very familiar with concerts either, cause I've only been to a few in my life so far, but hopefully that shall change eventually. Perhaps this summer. :)

  3. That reminds me of a week long concert event we used to go to in PA called Creation. They have every christian artist possible and it's all outdoors.

  4. thank you for sharing!! i hit play and am currently listening :)! praise God you got to experience the amazing beauty of praising GOD in the open!! sooo beautifuL!



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