Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Apologize for the Absence

My parents dropped me off at my new home on Wednesday night after my mother insisted on buying me groceries. Wasn’t this whole process supposed to happen in college? Unexpectedly, I broke down. I just couldn’t help it. My parents are two of my best friends. We’ve been through everything together. & Now they’re making the drive across the country to Tennessee. Meanwhile I’m working in the city and renting a room from a family friend who I’ve known my entire life.

This is all good change. I’m excited to learn how to be a grownup. I’m excited about my job. Which, as far as I can tell, is going good. I’m learning a lot and there is so, so much to learn. This is how things are supposed to be right now. This is where I’m supposed to be. It all just feels right. And God worked it all out. I didn’t go searching for this job. It came to me. If I wasn’t in Arizona, in the next month I would have been moving into a fifth wheel trailer on my parents new property. Fifteen miles away from civilization. With horses as the nearest neighbors. Sharing a tiny space with my parents. Sleeping on the couch. That would not have been cool.

I do miss Tennessee. Lots. I miss the scenery, the seasons. The four months I called the South home were a gift. Sure, I over-stressed about being unemployed. & Sure my parents were concerned that I was becoming a hermit. Sleeping in, staying up late, watching Skins, Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries re-runs. I lived in my sweat pants. Days went by where the only place I went was a mile down the road to the nearest Redbox. Yes-- I admit it all. I was PATHETIC.

But now I feel as if everything that’s been happening and changing is another gift. Have I mentioned how much God spoils me? I am spoiled. I am loved. I am happy. I am... tired. I just know God has amazing, wonderful, exciting things in store for me. I just know it. & It seems my gut feeling has been pretty darn spot on for the past eight months.

So in short, 2011 is going to be incredible. ★


  1. Wow, that happened fast! Congrats on the job though, you sound really happy. So glad to hear everything is going your way this year <3

  2. I know exactly how you feel about being a hermit. I went home for the Holidays and I didn't do anything but sleep in and sleep late all while wearing my Ninja turtle sweat shirt. >.< I finally got my butt up and went out to lunch with friends. But now I am going back to school, so no more hermit. lol I wish you luck at your new job.

  3. Your openness and honesty made this post incredibly beautiful - thank you! Admitting things like you're "a hermit, pathetic, always sleeping in..etc" is sometimes hard enough to do to yourself, nevermind admitting these things to other people, and on such a public place like your blog. Good for you, girl. I'm excited for your new year and what it holds!


  4. This is stunning!
    You have such talent with words!

  5. oh my gosh, love so much the design of your blog!!!♥

  6. I'm so glad that everything is working out for you, Kristyna. :) After all of the changes you've been through the last year, with moving to Tennessee and everything, everything sounds like it's falling right into place at last! It seems like 2011 is already going spectacularly for you, so hopefully that will continue. :)

  7. It will be! I am also very to hear about this. Keep us posted!

  8. I truly wish you all the best, you deserve it. I know It can't always be easy but I know you'll do the best you can :)
    Good luck dear and lots of support to this new stage of your life***

  9. i like that attitude...i could an attitude adjustment myself....can't wait to read more of what happens in 2011!

  10. Wow you are super to brave, seriously that sounds terrifying -- exciting but definitely terrifying! ;)
    Good luck to you!!!!

  11. I'm going through something similar. I'm now in my new home alone & it's a bit overwhelming. I wish you the best of luck. One day at a time! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  12. good for you, way to turn things around in your mind and heart. all these fresh, new beginnings are really exciting!!! i only just found your blog and am loving it. your parents sound like amazing people, it's just the best to have support like that. ♥


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