Monday, December 13, 2010

A Shorter Absence Than Expected

Oh yesterday's happiness. Early morning and white drops of snow began to fall from the sky. One look out the frosty window and I drifted back to my dreams. Hours later I was decked in scarf, sweater, snow boots and all. The air pinched my cheeks as I twirled in the wintriness that resembled a snow globe. Picture after picture was snapped with numbing hands. Christmas tunes played a few houses down. Molly and Slinky too fearful to leave the front porch. Silly city dogs. But Chance frolicked in the sheets of ice.

The heater buzzed while the Christmas tree twinkled in the front window. Flickr updates were made, while Andrew Belle's Pandora radio station kept me company. Presents were wrapped. & My nephew's no-sew Spiderman blanket was complete after cutting & tying fuzzy material.

The night ended with a steamy cup of hot chocolate and Molly snoring on the floor beside me, as the parents and I watched old Disney cartoons from my childhood. I'd never realized how cruel those chipmunks were to poor Donald. ★

Recommended Christmas cartoons for a relaxing day.
Once Upon a Wintertime
Toy Tinkers
Santa's Workshop
The Night Before Christmas
Pluto's Christmas Tree


  1. Sounds like a perfect Christmas-y Day! I love The Night Before Christmas!!

  2. You are living the Christmas season dream! It's nearly 80 degrees here in AZ and I have tried everything to get into the "Christmas spirit," but it's just not happening. Enjoy it!

  3. LOVE your blog and think this post is everything about Christmas.. especially the amazing ginger-bread house. How gorgeous xx

  4. aw, how lovely! thanks for sharing your infectious holiday spirit!

    xo Alison

  5. I loved seeing all of your photos show up on my Flickr dashboard thingy. :) This entire post just puts me in the holiday spirit. Makes me want to get all bundled up and run outside and make a snowman and then come in to defrost and drink hot chocolate by the fireside. I mean, how perfect would that be?

  6. this is lovely! i like the photo :) ♥

  7. Glad you back from hiatus! :] I haven't watched the latest vampire diary episode, I'll probably do that tomorrow. h8 the winter break from my favorite shows lol.

  8. Adore your list of favorite things; the font is especially cute. Festive things like this just warm my heart <3


  9. thanks for comment! maybe do you have some tips for me,to make my blog better? xoxo

  10. this photo is SO cute!! i love everything about it.


  11. perfect. I love everything about this post <3 everything.


  12. Isn't the first snowfall an amazing thing!! I envy your new snowy scenery. :) I sure miss you, and can't wait to see you sooooon in AZ!? Christmas break is not the same without you friend. Love you!

  13. I love this post, just like I love the song. :-D. HAPPY YOU'RE BACK!

  14. Oh my gosh this day sounds great!!! I love that photo too - did u take it?

    ps. Good luck finding a job too.

  15. Thanks for all the compliments!

    Kelly Leigh--
    Thanksomuch. I did take the photo. ♥


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