Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I miss my favorite five-year-old

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. How are such things even possible? Most things feel misplaced. Twinkling snowflakes hang from lampposts in the closest town. Nighttime begins at 5 p.m. The days in which it's not raining, there's an overcast. & Last Friday my nephew and my brother's girlfriend moved back to Arizona, & brother is soon to follow. Days are no longer the same without hearing my favorite person randomly say, "I love you, Kris" or "You're my best friend." & The exchange of jellyfish high-fives and shark handshakes has come to an end. {Inspired by this video at 5:46.} At least for now. ★


  1. Awww, your nephew is so cute! :) The video is adorable, hehe. It must be quite sad to have to say goodbye to him for the time being, and I'm sure he'll miss you a lot. But I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. He's so cute!! I think i would miss jellyfish high fives too :(

    I hope you have a great thanksgiving though! I'm jealous we don't celebrate it here in England!!xx

  3. That's cute! By the way: I love that graphic that you posted for thanksgiving. It's so right!
    Have a happy thanksgiving, too

  4. Have a good thanksgiving!!

    Love the quote above.

  5. Lovely blog, magical writing. :) Followed you, I'm new, hope this finds you well, dear. xx

  6. leaving a comment for the post above! that is such a great post! really makes you appreciate things, right now until my loan comes in im without the money in the bank or the food in the fridge but i know its only temporary! I couldn't imagine living penniless my whole life itd be awful!

  7. what a cute little guy! love the jellyfish!
    Tone xo


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