Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Can't Sleep

It seems some teenage habits don't burn out.
The light still flickers between the hours of midnight and three a.m.
Thoughts like shouts. Who needs nightmares?
I learned young that tossing and turning isn't a viable option.
Fear releases the instant ink hits paper and fingers tap buttons on the keyboard. Released.
Past emotions filed in word docs and forgotten journals.
Years of memory on trashed papers and floppy discs, lost in technological gaps.
Tap, tap, tap.
Words replace doubt, draining all thought until I can close my eyes.
This is how it's always been.
This is how it will always be.
Writing. Typing. With inky pens and broken keys.
Never read, never seen, never felt again. ★


  1. I love this piece of writing. And I am the same way. Great pic!

  2. oh hey :p i just saw that you re-designed your blog. it's so pretty now! i like the dymo text effects! nice work.

    and yes, that photo is real pretty. love your pink keypad! and that cup too :)

  3. Interesting peice of writing, I like it.

  4. mmmmmm, yes. i love every word of this, i completely relate.

    you're a beautiful writer, love. <3

  5. Thanks for sharing such a felt post* The photo is adorable :)

  6. Apart from the nice writing, I have to say that the photo is super cute. I love the pink keyboard!

  7. It can be quite frustrating to be awake tossing and turning at all hours of the late, not able to get to sleep no matter how hard you try! But I really like this post, and your writing.

  8. I'm very much in love with this post, the mug and pink keyboard. Lovely!

  9. Thank you! If only we lived closer! :-]. Its more common than you would think. <3.

    I love all of this, but, this..

    [Never read, never seen, never felt again]


  10. I cant work out how to leave a comment on the post above! But I'm so excited about seeing Harry Potter too!!

    I love your writing in this post its just so poetic, very beautiful!

    thanks for the comment by the way! :)

  11. I love your blog. I think it is beautiful :)

  12. I love your little writing bit, it goes so perfectly with the beautiful photo :)

  13. beautiful!

    And that key board is fantastic!

  14. cup of coffee & tumblr - perfection.

  15. shit!

    your blog is amazingggg!


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