Sunday, August 1, 2010

back from chile

I have so much to share with you, readers. You have no idea. So little time, so much to do. So here's what you can expect in the next few weeks.

UNO. Details on my mission trip to Chile. For right now all I can say is it was AMAZING & I am one blessed gal surrounded by WONDERFUL people. You can also check out the Transparent Project Chile blog.
DOS. A giveaway-- this is long overdue.
TRES. Where I'm at in my life. My childhood home just sold and I have to be out of the house the 26th of this month. Which means I have to figure out if I'm moving to Nashville or if I'm staying in Arizona. Plus I have to find a job ASAP. & I have to pack my life away into cardboard boxes. I thought for sure I was going to Tennessee, but I find myself torn and uncertain. Pray for me, por favor. Pretty, pretty please.



  1. Will be praying for God to give you discernment over Tennessee or Arizona. Love you and so glad to see you are serving and being so blessed!!!

  2. hi i love ur blog! i love antiques as much as u do, too. i'm always painting unfinished furtiture from yard sales for fun- i cannot get enough of it!
    to find out where you want to move, make a list of pros and cons about each state. most pros, wins. it might not be that simple, but it's all i could think of :)

  3. It sounds like oh so much has been happening in your life as of late! I can't wait to hear even more in depth about your Chilie mission trip, but that's fantastic that it was so incredible. And ah, so many big life decisions coming up! Best of luck with everything and I will definitely keep you in my thoughts :)

  4. I'm glad your mission trip was amazing! Cute kid!

  5. I can't wait to hear about your trip and it's awesome you obviously had a great time! :]

    I hope you get clarity on the moving situation, I know it's hard :[ Good luck!

  6. I know what it's like to no longer have your childhood home and everything is changing! All will be well. Have faith and you will find a wonderful path ahead.

    All the best to you!

  7. I'm glad your trip went well and you feel blessed.. we should all feel blessed

  8. hey! Great to hear from you :) It must be a unique experience being in Chile helping those in need! You should be very very proud of yourself*
    The blog looks very cute :)

  9. good luck in ALL your endeavors. i find myself moving out of the house without a job in place too, so i understand your situation all too well!

  10. I hope you figure it out, where you wanna be and all. and good to see you back :) even better to hear that you had an amazing time :) *hugs* xx

  11. Oh wow sounds like a lot of stress in the making! I hope everything works out for you :)
    Yay! Can't wait to see your pictures!



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