Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i want to travel the world

Today I've decided-- I'm going to Egypt one day. No ifs, ands or buts.
Ever since I was a little girl I've had a fascination with Egypt-
before eight-year-old me visited an Egyptian exhibit at some museum downtown &
I dreamt of being an archeologist.
These photographs by RJ Shaughnessy {more featured below} are simply stunning.

Speaking of Egypt, have any of you seen this trailer for Despicable Me? Hilarious.


  1. Egypt- how fascinating! And yes, I've seen that trailer for Despicable Me before. I want to watch it, it looks hilarious :)

  2. egyptian history was one of my favourite subjects growing up! that and greek history. ok, really ANY kind of ancient history... you name it, i loved it. ;) i loved learning how the egyptians built the pyramids, and how they would lay food out for those who had passed on and for the gods, and how people would be buried in secret compartments of the pyramids with all of their precious belongings. and i LOVE all of the myths. i was fascinated by all of the crazy stories they believed. for a school project, i created a newspaper and pretended to be a "reporter" from ancient egypt, i even had an egyptian name. i still have the newspaper! i wrote the funniest stories and "exclusive reports" and even had "ancient advertisements". haha! i was so determined to travel to egypt one day, i still want to go desperately.

    aaww, thanks for posting this, dear, it brought back awesome memories. :)

  3. I'd like to the pyramids someday too! I really really want to see the Taj Mahal though, I think it's got to be the most romantic place on earth.

  4. these photos are absolutely stunning. i've always had the desire to go to egypt as well! and i can't wait to see despicable me! :)

  5. well, this certainly beats the whole sex and the city crew on camelback in the desert. lovely pictures.

  6. Me too. I remember when I studied about Egypt in high school I was fascinated. I loved learning about pyramids and mummies and all that.

    Those photos are so amazing, especially the first one.

  7. those pictures do look gorgeous! it's never been a country of interest for me just because it's too warm - i've always felt an inexplicable pull north. i hope you make it there someday - i'm sure you will :) xx

  8. oh, i love this post! i'd love to go to Egypt one day... the sand and the sun and the "exoticness" have always enchanted me. :)
    your blog is lovely, as always!


  9. I was there last year, and it is so worth it! The moment while you're driving through Cairo and you see the pyramids in the distance is one you will never forget. If you get there early enough you can get a ticket to go inside the Great Pyramid! Just bring lots of hand sanitizer =)

  10. I've always gotten the willies whenever I think of Egypt, but I'd LOVE to visit one day. I know you'll make it there! I think more people should have adventurous goals like this. Also, those photographs are stunning.


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