Wednesday, April 14, 2010


  1. Genuine conversations with my mom. "Life would have been pointless if I had never met your dad." I truly love my parents.
  2. Playing hopscotch, seeing How to Train Your Dragon and blowing bubbles with my nephew.
  3. Knowing what I like. You know what I mean? Knowing that there are certain things and opinions that make you, well, you.
  4. Lyrics that remind me that we're all in this together. We each wake up in the morning & just hope to survive another day in a messy world.
  5. Wearing makeup, which I hardly ever do. This week I put on mascara and eyeshadow. Gasp.
  6. Promise Tangeman's Web site and blog. {Side story: So Kelly Ann, who lives in Cali, posted a link to Promise's site. I had never seen her site before and discovered Promise lives in Arizona. I live in Arizona. A day after I discover her site, she does a post on the wedding of a girl I was in a small group with last year. Crazy, small world- right?}
  7. Couples who are head over heels for each other. You see it in wedding photographs. You see it on their faces. I don't know, maybe the fairytale stuff does exist. Even though I go around saying I never want to get married, who knows, maybe one day I'll change my mind.
  8. Dancing to LIGHTS while driving to and from school. ★
Q: What are you loving this week?


  1. YAY! isn't promise a total peach? i've been a huge fan of hers for about a year now... she's incredible. i love her creativity, and the beauty she shares with the world. she's such a rad individual! (and has a fantastic name!) and i looooved that wedding! gorgeous.

    right now i'm loving:
    - seeing compassion in others. true compassion. i feel like sometimes it's so rare.
    - my elliptical machine. i've become super addicted!
    - lee dewyze. mmmmm, love. that. boy. ;)
    - web design. i've got blog designing down, i could do it in my sleep... now i'm taking on the task of creating my own online portfolio/website by scratch... it's overwhelming, but i'm having so much fun and am so thankful for the tools i learned in college! (hopefully i'll be hosting my site with showit - the same site that hosts promise's awesome site!)

  2. cool post, & i love those pictures!

    this week i have been loving...
    - finally cracking my jasmine & vanilla shortbread recipe!
    - doing lindy hop
    - rose petal tea
    - amazing photography research for my elibrary at work
    - sophie dahl's cookbook


  3. glad to know you're having a good week :)

  4. Aww, this is the sweetest post!

    I'm loving the new tights I ordered which arrived today!

    I love that Friday is just a day away!

    I love that my boy wrote me the sweetest email today:)


  5. What a fabulous post!! These are great reflections that remind us what we love the most. I might have to start doing this!! As for playing hopscotch... now I want to go do it! I must have been a child when I played last. Great post girl, great post.

  6. I love your mom... she is so sweet and so romantic. I have been blessed to see a lot of genuinely loving couples since I am a wedding photographer. I do cry with them during their weddings... tears of joy, that is.

    What I'm loving this week? I love that I can still smile despite the huge electric bill I have. Positive attitude prevails.

    Have a good day! xoxo

  7. I love your blog too much! Right now I'm loving---

    making cupcakes with friends, riding my bike in the warm spring weather, and just being with my family.


  8. That first picture is so beautiful! And I love wearing mascara, unfortunately I can't most of the time :[ It bothers my eyes, so I rub them and end up looking like a racoon lol!

  9. Lovely picture! And your list of lovingness of the week is rather wonderful indeed. Couples that are head over heels crazy in love with each other are fantastic! I just hope I'll be one of those couples some day...

    Right now I'm loving laughing to the point of tears, running, almonds, being part of a team, and strawberries (:

  10. The fairy tale does exist, I have been with my boyfriend for over a year and a half and it still feels like a dream. We have never had a fight and can talk about everything(yea we're one of those couples).

    Another thing I love-

    Getting validation that life is a gift. My mom recently ran into one of my classmates who had brain cancer's mom at a small get together in Utah, Come to find out he is healthy and lives right across the street from me in California! I haven't seen him since the diagnosis in 5th grade, but it was such a weird coincidence that I couldn't resist finding him on facebook. We finally met up yesterday and he has such a positive outlook on life and to experience such genuine happiness from someone that has been through so much is a truly enlightening experience., I can't help it, this is hilarious.

    I love this post, it's always nice to think about the positive things in life!

  11. love the first one... few people get to appreciate their parents! have a nice weekend!

  12. statement 1 is beautiful. i think i found number 3 too, im studying architecture right now & ive grown to appreciate the hard work & amazing houses i see everyday.


  13. Beautiful beautiful pictures you have posted.
    Have a sweet weekend!

  14. What a great post! This week I'm loving: my new softest of the soft cardigan, my amazing find sewing machine, my daughter's ablity to laugh despite her cold and the pecan tart I had this morning!

  15. Ooh, what lovely things you have experienced this week! I'm a firm believer in fairytales but sometimes reality kicks in and I begin to wonder... But it's fantastic that there are still amazing couples (like your parents!) out there who are ever so in love because those are the people who give the rest hope for their very own happy ending.

    Thank you so much darling Krissie for your comment on my blog the other day. It is my first time visiting your blog as well I'm just smitten! ♥ Hope your weekend will be filled with all kinds of wonderful. x

  16. Pretty post!
    That first photo makes me want to wear a fancy gown and parade down that walk with a prince on a white horse. Ahaha.
    And that last photo is so true.

    I love my parents as well.
    Oh I love happy couples. When I see two people who are truly in love I just get so jittery, in a good way of course.

  17. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    Did you take these pictures? They're absolutely FABULOUS!

  18. I did not take these pictures- you can find the photo credit when you click on the photographs. =]

  19. Great list :)
    I love the first one because I'm always talking with my mother and I know how awesome that can be.

    Right now I'm loving ~ this awesome weather we're having in Cali.

    ~ pink lipstick
    ~ riding my bike
    ~ relaxing in some of the most gorgeous parks


  20. I'm loving the sunshine more than anything added together!

    great post xxx

  21. Love listening to LIGHTS. And gorgeous images :)

  22. Those are beautiful pictures.
    Currently I am loving
    Beautiful spring days with the sun warming me up and a breeze that flutters my hair.
    Drinking strawberry smoothies when I'm wearing billowy dresses.

  23. glad i found your blog. lovely photos here. love talks with mom. :)

  24. What a lovely list! I think it's wonderful that your parents have a great relationship. Your life is shaped by what you see and hear. No. 3 and 4 are spot on.

    Sweet blog! I am now a follower.

    Rambles with Reese


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