Friday, February 19, 2010

so little time

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This week has been exhausting, so I'm thankful to have these few hours to relax this morning while listening to John Mayer. My friend from Nashville, otherwise known as my soon-to-be roomie, has arrived in Arizona. She will be staying with me until Tuesday, when she then has to jet back to Tennessee. She's never been here before, so I'm excited to show her around. I have a few things planned but none for today, except a dinner with my friend from Florida. He moved from here to there about six years ago, and I haven't seen him since. The only downside of this weekend is the incompletion of homework. As much as I tried, it wasn't completed last night. Sometimes there simply aren't enough hours in the day. I'm leaving you with these photos, which were my favorites on Tumblr this week, though the first photograph is mine. Have a splendid weekend. ★

P.S. Tell me about your week or your plans for the weekend. And I sincerely want to thank all of you who continue to read my little blog and weekly ramblings. I'm thankful to have gained sixty followers over the past two months and I'm blessed to have met wonderful blogger friends. Happy weekend to you all.


  1. I just arrived on your blog and i love it already! Plans for the weekend? Well my boyfriend is comming over tomorrow and further i have no idea..

    Have a wonderfull weekend!

  2. This is lovely, i haven't seen photos of Polly Pocket for years. I had the light up castle one at the end, It was the bestest.
    I have had the loveliest day adventuring, completely unplanned with one of my bests, there were cups of tea, cats and castles. The perfect way to start a weekend
    I hope yours is lovely. xx

  3. aahhh polly pockets! i had all of those (except for the first picture), plus about 15 more... i was obsessed. ;) they were so much better when i was younger than the ones they have now!

  4. aw so adorable, especially love the first photo:)


  5. Happy weekend!
    Tonight I have a mighty headache, so I've cancelled my plans and am having a super relaxed night.
    Tomorrow I'm helping my host sister (I'm an exchange student - from England in Quebec) buy jeans, going to a charity dinner then to an open house. Sunday I will finish my homework, do some violin and have my friend Brenda over for tea (:
    All whilst juggling my blog :P
    Toujours l'amour,
    Emily Jane

  6. This totally made me want to dig under my bed through all of the random boxes of crap piled under there to find my bin full of Polly Pockets and such :D I miss being little!

    Have an excellent time with your friend that's staying with you, and a great time at dinner with your other! My plans for the week include homework and birthday present shopping, nothing excitng haha... Jave a good one :)

  7. Hello:)

    You make me miss the childhood grace...

    Congratulations on your sixty followers!

    Well, the next week will be the hectic one but I am as passionate as usual, with all the spirit I will give my best and perhaps would reward myself with a movie on the weekend following..

    love, xoxo

  8. Oh, I just got home not too long ago from all the chinese new year celebrations. Hoping to catch some rest before I start work again on Monday.

    Hope you have a great weekend yourself:)


  9. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I'm going to hang out and eat pizza with a few friends, drop by my fave bookstore to collect a book I had reserved and then have a bit of me-time before the new week starts! :)

  10. Another lovely post!
    Wow, I haven't seen Polly Pockets in such a long time! I played with them all the time when I was younger. I think I still have my collection in the basement.

    I just got back from boating all week and school starts back up Monday so I plan on relaxing for the rest of the weekend.

  11. I looove those photo and you have a very cute blog.

  12. ahhhh krissie!!! these photos make me so happy! i used to love polly pockets.

  13. I never, ever have enough time. I wish the week was one day longer, and we got to spend that day catching up on everything we're unable to do during the normal week! :)

  14. Wow! Interesting photos! Instant childhood flashback ;)

  15. i totally had that same castle polly pocket (the last photo)
    it was the BEST!!!!

  16. polly pockets <3 how i wish i had them when i was a little girl. Good luck with your homework!!!!

  17. I totally know how you feel....


  18. such cute photos!! i really enjoy reading your blog by the way.

    im a little late responding, but i went to the phoenix zoo over weekend to take photos. it appears we both live in the valley of the sun. small world.

  19. Omg i remember little houses like these.. you totally game me flashbacks

  20. I really miss your posts. Come back soon. I'll be praying that all will be well. xoxo

  21. oh, I love this. I love cute things, pink things, fluffy things, sugar-coated things. my life needs them.

    XXX, Kim

  22. aww polly pocket. That just made my day. We used to have so much fun with her!! I was also a big fan of The littlest pet shop. What is it about tiny things?


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