Sunday, December 27, 2009

a wonderland of madness

photo credit: anneso_cachemireetsoie

a dream

the day is young,
the coffee cold
the window is my lookout

and down below i can see
the streets paved with magic,

fairies are spies,
the branches are wands,
up the street, a white rabbit

and i am here,
and i am there

frolicking in a wonderland of madness

I never write poems; never, ever. But I love reading them and I decided to give it a whirl. Also, I just noticed I published this at 11:11 PM. Make a wish. ★


  1. Oh, poems are ever so delightful; and your words, so carefully crafted to compose such dreamy thoughts and meaning ♥
    the photographs are quite magical, I do say...
    take care dearest ♥
    your forever friend, olivia

  2. Beautiful pics ! Ohh and I love the poem . Lovely . :)

  3. This poem is so lovey and delicate. I love it because of is comosition and easy vocabulary (wich makes it much easier to understand for people that, like me, don't speak english that good).
    The pictures are wonderful, their colours make me dream ♥

  4. merry christmas! lovely picture! =)

  5. This is so heart warming I love it! It’s so amazing when I read such beautiful things! You have a brilliant eye for poems and life in general! I hope you have a brilliant day take care! And thanks for the comment!

  6. I love this! That's exactly how I feel right now.

  7. oh, that poem is so beautiful, you should carry on writing poetry, dear your words here are so exquisite, you are magic dear. also, i must say i really do adore your header, is is a very old frame on the left side? it looks so full of memories. much love, from suzannah ♥

  8. New blog by Olivia.A one of the two creator of the famous ; I hope you enjoyed yout holidays ;)


  9. Thanks for the comment Ill add you to my blog list after this comment :)
    It really is an amazing experience learning to manage on your own without parents or friends for advice is a hard thing to let go but then you find your inner self and know you can really do just about anything :)


  10. Love this!

  11. those pictures are so pretty:)
    love that little poem too!
    *wishing for...a warm cinnamon crepe*

  12. That poem is beautiful. And those photos just make me want to go back to my childhood.

  13. Beautiful poem -- you should write more! And of course lovely photos, as well!


  14. Hey Krissie!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I ADORE yours! It's fantastic!
    Your poem is splendid. I love the imagery and the whimsy of it!
    & the photos are just so cute!

    I will definitely be following! =)

    <3 Kim

  15. i say go chase the white rabbit. very sweet poem.

  16. Kristyna! Girlfriend, you wrote that poem!? It's beautiful and imaginative! We need to work together and write something. I bet it'd be incredible.


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