Friday, December 18, 2009

so let it out, and let it in

Sunbeams pour into my room. All is still. I awoke past morning, to my disbelief. I hear Molly snoring downstairs. My toes clench the end of the sheets. Parents are gone to brothers. I walk to my desk, dropping a pillow or two along the way. My fingers slide across the keys.

♫ C, A.
Hey Jude.

A, C, D, G.
Don't make it bad.

G, A, B, F.
Take a sad song.

F, E, C, D, C, A. ♫
And make it better.

Friday is already here. ★


  1. lovely blog, hey jude is a lovely song ;)

  2. You have a lovely blog. Hurrah for The Beatles! xx

  3. thanks so much. please visit again. xx

  4. Thank you for visiting me! Your blog is so so lovely! I am also insanely glad that it is the weekends already ^___^


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