Friday, December 25, 2009

joy to the world

Over time, Christmas seems to have changed. As a child, I was always eager to wake up early Christmas morning and discover what presents lay nestled under the tree. But with each year I begin to care less and less about the presents and care more and more about what is important to me, such as my King who loves us so. And it is Him I would like to wish a happy, happy birthday. ★

Oh & this is our Christmas tree (below). I'm afraid it's not the best picture, but it'll have to do. & on a random note, I'm quite sad that father and I didn't make our traditional gingerbread house this year, like the one I posted here.

Oh, Christmas Tree

Happy, happy Christmas everyone.
Or as Seth Cohen would say, Merry Chrismukkah!
I hope you get to spend it with all your loved ones.


  1. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. xx

  2. it's quite an interesting place for a tree -- i like it.

    happy holidays to you!

  3. @katrina

    yeah, it's in the corner of our living room. =]

  4. Gorgeous post dear!
    I feel the same way...

    Have a lovely Christmas time.


  5. Your tree is so beautiful, seriuosly :)
    Have the best Chirstmas ever ♥

  6. I adore your blog. Thanks for commenting on mine. Happy Holidays!

  7. merry christmas, what a delightful video.

  8. happy christmas, dear! You have a lovely blog.


  9. I love that part of a Charlie Brown Christmas. :D It's my favorite Christmas special.

    Hope your Christmas was very merry.

  10. Merry Christmas! :)
    Loved the Charlie Brown clip.

  11. i love all the colors on your tree! this year i decorated the tree with only white, red and clear ornaments. hope you had a merry christmas!

  12. oh, what a lovely tree and everything :) it's a beautiful post. merry, merry christmas <3

  13. lovely pictures dear, so magical. i hope you had a wonderful christmas :) i also must let you know that i have now changed my blog link, it is now

    much love, from suzannah

  14. Chrismukkah!!!!!! I love the OC and I love that you know chrismukkah.

    Lovely tree and I agree with you, each year I care less and less about the presents.


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