Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A life worth living

I have been craving adventure. I want to go out and do big things. I want to make something of myself- be something. I want to see different places and write about something unfamiliar. Something beautiful, something that speaks to my soul. Something I can take with me and carry in my pocket. This summer I want to go to a foreign country or intern with a fast paced media outlet that challenges me. Sadly, when I discovered a summer internship application with Foxnews, the deadline had already passed. And I do not want to pass up the opportunity to travel to Dublin, London and Paris this summer through the J school. Sigh. Look at the picture of this woman: Gina Lollobrigida. She is beautiful. I hope I can grow ever so gracefully. I want my wrinkles to tell a story-- to show that I lived. I want to be alive.

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