Saturday, December 20, 2008

This is my story...

The sound of footprints can be heard making their way up the stairs. The hall lights flicker off and another day has come and gone. A few blocks away families are enjoying the spirit of Christmas. Rainbows of twinkle lights sparkle in the dark night. Children are smiling as they watch their favorite holiday film. My thoughts become released into one big jumbled mess. I lay snuggled under a mint-green blanket, staring at the light bulb until it becomes a shapeless blur of light. I can hear the cars speeding down the street, racing through the cold air, perhaps off to a party that allows the driver to escape the hustle and bustle of the season. The hum of the fireplace is playing in the background. The pink curtains are drawn, allowing only slits of moonlight to fall across the floor. It’s a quiet night, a lonely night with nothing but my iTunes and my miniature Daschund to keep me company. But something stirs inside me, from the hollows of my heart. I grab my pink notebook from my bag and let the inky words flow from my pen. This is my story...

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